Packages and Pricing

All packages include dinner rolls, heavy duty clear plastic cutlery, plates, 9 oz cups and dinner napkins. 

We do have other cutlery, plates and cups available upon request for an extra fee.

Basic Package

Cocktail Hour

Fruit, Cheese and Cracker Tray


1 Meat and 2 Sides

$18 per person

Soirée Package

Cocktail Hour

2 Appetizers chosen from Menu


2 Meats and up to 3 sides

$30 per person

Shindig Package

Cocktail Hour

choose up to 3 Appetizers


Up to 3 meats and 3 sides

$35 per person

Gala Package

Cocktail Hour

Full Appetizer Spread (up to 4 appetizers)


Choose up to 3 meats and 4 sides

$45 per person

Tea Packages (Only includes tea or lemonade)

2 Appetizers Only 

$15 per person

Up to 3 Appetizers 

$20 per person

Full Appetizer Spread (up to 5 choices)

$25 per person

Add on Chocolate Fountain to Any Package (All include dipping items)

Bittie (15-20 guests) $200 with Dark or Milk Chocolate

Small (75-100 guests) $350 with Dark or Milk Chocolate

Medium (up to 250 guests) $450 with Dark or Milk Chocolate

Large (up to 400 or more guests) $650 with Dark or Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate, Salted Caramel or Nacho Cheese $20 extra and available in all sizes