Meaning of Thandie; "Loving One"

Origin of Thandie; South African, Xhosa, Diminutive of Thandiwe

We are a full service catering business that offers meals prepared with non GMO products, low sodium seasonings, gluten and lactose free products. All fried foods are cooked in cholesterol free canola oil. Pork free products used. We offer corporate and government discounts, buffet service, family style meals and plated meals.


This has been a very tough time for everyone. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our amazing couples and their families. Due to COVID 19 we have decided to temporarily close until further notice due to food shortages and increasing prices. We are still accommodating our amazing customers that we have booked. We plan to reopen by June 10th but it does depend on how the economy is going at that time. We thank you for your cooperation and support. We will get through this!

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